Welcome to Telling History the website of historian, writer, folklorist and storyteller Maureen James.

By clicking on the categories links on the right you can find information on the diverse stands of Maureen's career:

  • Writer and researcher on Historical topics (includes links to online Smallholder articles)
  • Speaker and Lecturer to WI's, Local History Groups and Museum societies also providing courses of lectures connected to the research interests
  • Research connected with Doctoral Thesis on the Legends of the Lincolnshire Carrs (including a Linkisheere Glossary)
  • Living History activities
  • Historical storytelling for adult groups at museums and heritage sites
  • Feedback on the various strands
  • Forums (not yet active – I am still learning about this...)
  • Gallery of photographs
  • Resources (Freebies) – mainly articles on Historical topics.
  • Many pages on Thomas Clarkson (and his brother John) and the Abolition of Slavery – this work forms the pages of the Clarkson's Society (www.thomasclarkson.org)
  • Information on Fables, Tales and Folklore - Fenland (Presently dormant Storytelling and Folklore group).

Current Projects I am working on (November 2019) include

  • Giving talks to local history groups and WIs.
  • Finishing Myths & Legends of East Anglia course at Buntingford
  • Finding a publisher for my PhD thesis on The Legends of the Lincolnshire Carrs

By clicking on the tabs at the top of the page you can

  • Read my biography to find out how the diverse strands of my career fit together
  • Contact me by filling in the form.
  • You can also contact me direct using the following address maureen[at]tellinghistory[dot]co[dot]uk
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  • Sign in to use my forum (when I start to use it properly).

Maureen James

Maureen James

Maureen James

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