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With the release of the film Amazing Grace there has been some debate about some of the main proponents.

  • Ten reasons why the portrayal of Thomas Clarkson in the film 'Amazing Grace' should not be seen as historically accurate........ Article



The work of Thomas Clarkson is receiving increase publicity as a result of the 2007 Abolition season on the BBC

  • The story of John Clarkson and Sierra Leone (as outlined in Simon Schama’s book ‘Rough Crossings’) will be shown on Television on Friday 23 rd March

Recommended Reading on the Clarksons


  • Gibson-Wilson, Ellen (1989) - Thomas Clarkson- A biography Macmillan
  • Gibson-Wilson, Ellen (1980) - John Clarkson & The African Adventure Macmillan
  • Gifford, Zerbanoo (1996) - Thomas Clarkson and the Campaign Against Slavery (Anti-Slavery International)
  • Hochschild, Adam (2005) – Bury the Chains
  • Schama, Simon (2005) – Rough Crossings (BBC Publications)

Primary Source Material


  • Clarkson, Thomas (1786) - An essay on the slavery and commerce of the human species, particularly the African.... with additions.
  • Clarkson, Thomas (1808) - History of the rise, progress, and accomplishment of the abolition of the African slave trade by the British Parliament 2 Vols.

Other Material

  • Powel, Roger - Why Here? Why Then? - Booklet available at Wisbech and Fenland Museum