10. Sam'ls Ghost

This was told by Fanny, the child who narrated the Dead Moon. She was much less interested in it and knew little of the life of Sam'l and how he came to be burnt.


There was a lad called Samuel who was burnt to death. The inside of him got up and gave himself a shake and he heard a voice telling him to go down into the earth where the Big Worm would eat him up so that he could rest in peace. Samuel went down and eventually came to a dark and stinking place where the great worm lay, coiled up on a flat stone. The worm asked Samuel where his body was. He said he didn't know at first but then came to understand that his body was in the ashes of the fire. He was told to fetch them and he did so. The worm sniffed the sack of ashes and asked where his arm was. Samuel said that the doctor had taken it and the worm told him to go and fetch it. He did so and the worm noticed that his nail was missing. This time Samuel was unable to find the missing piece and so he still walks the earth looking for it.