Historical Writing and Research

"The study of history is the best...for in history you have a record of the infinite variety of human experience plainly set out for all to see; and in that record you can find...fine things to take as models, base things...to avoid." Titus Livius (Levy)


Dr. Maureen James is a regular contributor of historical articles to various magazines and is available for research and writing on local and national topics. Some examples of her work can be seen and downloaded as PDFs on this site.

As well as being awarded her Ph.D in 2013, Maureen successfully completed a Freelance and Feature Writing course with the London School of Journalism, for which she gained a Diploma with Distinction in 2011.

In October 2013 Maureen's book Lincolnshire Folk Tales - one of many in the popular History Press Folk Tales series was published. The following year, her volume of Cambridgeshire Folk Tales was also published. The latter book was given a 2015 award by the Cambridgeshire Association for Local History.

Maureen is also available for carrying out small research projects and for writing articles and teachers pack on a broad range of historical topics. See the research section for more information and Contact her today for a no-obligation quote using the tab above.

Past articles, papers and teachers packs include the following:


Articles on Folklore and History published in Smallholder Magazine between 2003 and 2014 (some are available to download from my Resources section - see categories - others that are on the web can be reached from here) A comprehensive list of these articles can be found here

Other writing includes:

Article on Hobby Lanterns at Halloween for Smallholding (October/November 2019)

Article on The First Day of Christmas for Practical Poultry Magazine (November/December 2019)

Review of Christmas: The Sacred to Santa by Tara Moore - Folklore 130 (3) (September 2019)

Article on Bringing the Harvest Home for Smallholding (August/September 2019)

Article on William Winstanley and Christmas for Smallholding (December/January 2019)

Article on Celebrating the Corn Dolly Tradition for Cambridgeshire County Life Magazine (Summer 2016)

Article on The Molly Dancers of Cambridgeshire for Cambridgeshire County Life Magazine (Winter 2015)

Article on Cambridgeshire Folk Tales - and the Storytellers of Old for Cambridgeshire County Life Magazine (Summer 2015)

Article on May Customs for Cambridgeshire County Life Magazine (Spring 2015)

Review of We didn't know Owt by Maureen Sutton - Folklore 124 (3) (December 2013)

Review of Marvels, Magic and Witchcraft in the North Riding of Yorkshire: David Naitby's Bedale Treasury by David Kirby - Folklore 124 (1)  (April 2013)

Review of Jack and the Devil's Purse: Scottish Traveller Tales by Duncan Williamson - Folklore 123 (3) (December 2012)

The Bandstands of Cambridgeshire - Cambridgeshire County Life Magazine. (Autumn 2012)

Review of Bodies in the Bog and the Archaeological Imagination by Karin Sanders - Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture Volume 4 - Issue 2, pp 245-248 (July 2011)

Lincolnshire Folklore paper - Cosmos 25 & The Ritual Year 4: The Ritual Year and Gender 2009 (September 2011)

Fear and Loathing: The Legends of the Lincolnshire Carrs - The Cauldron: Witchcraft, Paganism & Folklore No 141 (August 2011)

On Fairies - Facts and Fiction Magazine No 75 (November 2010)

Suffolk's Forgotten Heroes - EADT Suffolk (May 2007)

Interview with a henkeeper - Fancy Fowl (August 2006)

A most eggs-citing event!: The World Hen Racing Championships - Fancy Fowl (August 2005)

Grey Lag Goose & King Charles I - Fancy Fowl (Summer 2005)

The Brotherhood of the Grey Goose Feather - The Dragonfly Review No 6 (June/July 2004)

The Influence of Robert Owen and Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and others on the work of Caroline Southwood Smith and James Hill at the Wisbech Infant School 1830-1840 (1997 B.Ed thesis deposited in the reference section of Cambridgeshire Library Service)

Teachers Packs

Beyond the Bicentennial Teacher's Pack for the African-Caribbean Forum of Peterborough (2009)

Ancient Writing Teacher's Pack for Cambridgeshire Archaeological Field Unit (2000)

Thomas Clarkson and the Abolition of Slavery Teacher's Pack for Wisbech & Fenland Museum (1999) - notes from this can be found here

Other writing

A Revolutionary Tale: the story of Thomas Paine for Thetford Museum (2009)

Short Biography of George Ewart Evans for the George Ewart Evans Centre Website (2007)

Town Trail and 3 different Guided walks of Chatteris (2001)
Short History of Wimblington for village guide book (2001)
Research on the London Poor in 1851 for the British Library Education Service (2000)
Town Trail for Octavia Hill Museum (1998)