I have been researching family history since the mid 1980s (the old days before the popular use of computers, databases and websearches). I have carried out research at the National Archives, using the Public Register Office (now the National Archives), the Society of Genealogists and numerous County Record Officers.

Since gaining my B.Ed Hons. degree, for which I took the Cambridge University History Tripos examinations, and my Masters Degree in Museums & Galleries in Education, I have been researching the folklore and history of North Lincolnshire for a PhD with the University of Glamorgan.

This research has required me to gain an up to date knowledge of the faster, computer/web based search engines, which I have combined with the good old visits to the North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire (including the area formerly known as Humberside) and Lincolnshire Archives to examine original documents.

As a consequence of this, and because I do often receive requests from friends asking for help in researching aspects of local and family history, I am now offering research services for people wishing to learn more about their family history. This service is particularly for those who have ancestors from Lincolnshire (including the North of the county) and Cambridgeshire.

My charge is £22 per hour for research plus the cost of any certificate or copies obtained.

Click here to contact me for further details. Payment can be made by paypal details on request.