Smallholder Magazine - Articles by Maureen James

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December - The Brotherhood (and Sisterhood?) of the Grey Goose-Feather


March – Thomas Clarkson – Abolitionist and Smallholder! 1760-1846. This article was the first in the long running Country Folk section of Smallholder Magazine, dedicated to exploring British folk lore and the rural past for which I was the writer.
April – Solving a sixteenth century mystery! (The Witches of Warboys)
May – Stonea Iron Age Camp
June – Stonehenge – Midsummer, Midwinter: whenever?
July – Robin Goodfellow and other Mischievous Fairy Folk
August – Eyam – the plague village – an extraordinary sacrifice
September -  Medieval Peasants – scratching a living in the countryside
October – Halloween – a brief look at the origins and traditions
November – Gun Powder Treason Day
December – On the Feast of Stephen


January – Saint Distaff's Day – marking the end of the Christmas break
February – St. Blaise – another story
March –  A fair exchange? Christopher Columbus
May – Utopia in the 19th century
June – Digging for victory – Digging for health!
August – Pepy's original 'townies'
September -  Recreating life on the farm 1620s pt 1
October – Recreating life on the farm 1620s pt 1
November – World War 2 farming
December – Deck the halls


January – Clone towns
March –  Titchborne Dole
April – The Easter Hare
May – Rogation traditions
June – Glyndwr the rebellion
Show special – The eight festivals (paganism)
July – Glyndwr the man
August – Holidays by the sea
September -  Bishop Despencer and the Peasant's revolt
October – The Other Crowd - fairies
November – Gog Magog
December – Christmas day in the workhouse


January – Fen Skating
February – Tom Hickathrift
April – Fen Drainage
May – George Ewart Evans
June – Derbyshire Well-dressing
Show special – Physicians fo Mydffai
August – Irish Famine
September -  Slaves and Migrant workers
October – Apple Day
November – Matthew Hopkins
December – Christmas trees and Yew trees


January – Gawain and the Green Knight
February – National Storytelling Week
March –  Women's Land Army
April – Corpse Paths and Lyke Wakes
May – Hal an Tow
June – Littleport Riots
July – canals history
August – Skegness and the railways
October – Tracks and Motorways
November – Wayland's Smithy
Christmas – Banning Christmas in the 17th century


January – Molly Dancing
March –  Country Weddings
April – Diggers and True Levellers
June – George Ewart Evans
July – John Clare
August – Black Dogs
September -  Corn Dollies
October – Money
November – Baskets
December – Christmas Puddings
Christmas – Christmas at Camelot


January – Haxey Hood
February – Domestic Lighting
March –  World Forestry Day
April – Farmer's Wife and Farmer's Boy
July – Octavia Hill and the National Trust
August – John Barleycorn
October – Rural schools
November – Penny for the Guy
December – Christmas Shopping
Christmas – Mummers Play


January – First footing
April – Easter and the Moon
May – May Garland
June – Open air museums
July – Village wakes and feasts
August – Place names
September -  Singing games
October – Witch bottles

December - Folklore of Robins

Christmas - Victorian Parlour Games


January - Here's a Health to the Barley Mow

February - The diet of the Victorian Smallholder

March - A Smallholder's History of Time

April - Hot Cross Buns

May - May Customs

July - Wenlock & The Olympic Games

August - Gypsies, travellers and Agricultural Work

September - The Importance of the Village Pub

October - Hagstones and witchwood

November - Mischief Night

December - Tree Dressing Day

Christmas - Hunting the Wren


January - Wassailing

March - Light of the Parish Lantern

April - Hallaton Hare Pie and Bottle Kicking

May - The Merry Month of May

July - Folk Museums

August - Children's Play

September - Michaelmas Fairs

October - Halloween

December - Pantomimes

Christmas - Yule Logs, Cakes and Candles


February - Folk Tales

March - Dowsing