When proud King John with his army came
To Swineshead Priory,
A valiant Knight of martial fame
Cried King, good news for thee.

A daughter hath the abbot got,
A fairy maiden she,
O! John, if she's before thee brought,
Will it, O! King, please thee.

Then bring her forth, the King replied,
Go fetch the maid to me,
And she shall be a conqueror's bride,
A royal Queen shall she.

They brought the Abbess to the King,
And mighty pleased was he,
But more so when he heard her sing,
She pleased him mightily.

But when the Abbot heard the tale
He waxed wroth and vow'd,
Though should he spend his life in jail
The King should wear his shroud.

So they prepared a poison'd dish,
Straight to the King went he,
Who was afflicted at their wish,
For he ate heartily.

For Sleaford town the troops set out,
On horseback rode the King,
But ere they traversed half the route
He cried a litter bring.

They brought it, and from Sleaford on,
The morrow's morn they sped
To reach fair Newark's ancient town,
But, alas ! the King was dead.

Source: Kent, Edward, George. (1861) Lindum Lays and Legends. Simpkin, Marshall & Co.pp.247-248.