Lecture Courses

Maureen James currently offers a number of lecture courses, as detailed below. Each of these courses can also be adapted for day schools.

Each section on this page contains additional material to support the courses of lectures. Click on the link of the appropriate course in the categories column on the right of this page, and then you can download the relevant documents as PDFs:

Myths and Legends of East Anglia

A look at some of the more popular myths and legends of the East Anglia, including an exploration of the people who told stories, where they were told, and when...Each story will also include locational details and what they can teach us about local history.

Exploring Cambridgeshire and Fenland Folklore

This course will explore some of the common folk beliefs and the customs that punctuated the rural year for the people of the Fens, including parts of Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. The course will also look at why some of the customs survived or were revived. 

Thomas Clarkson and the Abolition of Slavery

Thomas Clarkson played an instrumental role in the campaign to abolish the slave trade and slavery. This course will explore his work and also look at the reasons why many people do not know about his achievements. For more information about Thomas Clarkson click on the link of the side bar of this page.   

The Wars of the Roses

Exploring the turbulent perid in history when the Houses of Lancaster and York fought for control of the English throne. This course will cover the period from the death of Edward III to the reign of Henry VII. 

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