"We have had some very complimentary comments from people who came, and the staff who were listening said they really enjoyed the stories. I thoroughly enjoyed it myself - it is a long time since I have just sat and listened to someone telling stories...  

Eleanor Nannestad Lincoln Central Library.


"I were very contented  to come across your solid fine website and ham enjoying  it an wanna thank ya forrit. Findin a body like yersen what's  craazed for Yellerbelly taales is as rare as ens tee- ath. I've been pawring ower  these saame paranoddies  by Marie Clothilde Balfour wi  hinterest an ha bee- en sammin' all mander o written forms of Lincs dialect  sin the 1960s. I come from N. Lincs - Market Rasen - and wokked on yon farms as a stoodent but  my life was mostlins in hexile - rubbin up agin Yorkies and Midlanders - larnin' folks here English, ESOL, special needs and psychology, but  reckon to be gaain on  semi- retirement nixt year when I 'ope to try me 'and, churnin out some owd stitherums mesen.
I appened to do MCB's family tree tother daay an was maazed to see she were a fost cousin o that theer Robert Louis Stevenson what writ boooks bout pirates an other rough tykes in forrin paarts. MCB's dialect is close to Linkisheer but is a bit odd I'd saay sin she were frimfolk, tho she done us  gret sarvice in aputten it darn on paaper.
Thanks agen for sharin' your resarch.
Yours truly,"
Mike Scott -e-mail feedback 

"thank you very much for the talk...the ladies thoroughly enjoyed it and there was lots of discussion and reminiscing afterwards."

Feedback after talk to WI group


"This irreverent romp through the dark ages is wildly funny. Not recommended if you have a bladder problem, it's fast moving 'n' you might miss something… Maureen James is captivating; you would believe the moon is made of green cheese if she told you… Both costumes and performances were superb; in short it is a pure joy.. An evening both entertaining and informative, a must for those who like history". 

Audience member after adult medieval storytelling performance 


“It is difficult to study history through the ears, eyes and understanding of those that lived in the past. Maureen was able to describe events of the past though the lives and feelings of the Clarksons and their contemporaries with great success. She spoke with emotion and feeling about the work of real people”.

Review of talk


"Thankyou for making our event extra special. We have had many comments from children and adults all expressing their delight at the stories" 

School PTA after storytelling at a medieval fair 


"the stories were great I loved them because they were so adventurous" 

Year 4 primary pupil after Viking afternoon 


"Excellent stories....the children buzzed for days!" 

teacher after primary school storytelling sessions 


Members of the Eastern Group of the Exmoor Pony Society thrilled to the tale of the Exmoor and Boudicca when Maureen James, whilst cuddling a pony, took them back to a time when they smelt blood and rose to the challenge. You could almost see the Roman army and feel the courage of the small, tough British ponies in her descriptions. At the end of her story, everyone looked round, almost surprised that there were no chariots, so real and gripping was her invocation.

Liz Wright - Exmoor Pony Society 


Who said that the art of story telling was dead? Not so here in March! A ribald and entertaining evening was hosted by Maureen James at March Library as part of National Storytelling week. We were treated to an evocative flavour of Chaucerian England, enlivened with tales of greed, murder and lust! The whole was enwrapped in a lively mix of song and costume, appealing to an attentive and highly amused audience! One of the key characteristics of Maureen's ability to tell stories is her innate love of the medium, which makes the whole such a pleasant and enjoyable experience. It is clear that her knowledge of the period, her spirited personality and unerring knack of compiling a great program makes her events the successes that they are. 

Dr. Vanessa Champion


"I found Maureen James recent project on how Romans grew and cooked their food fascinating" 

Editor Smallholder Magazine


"I enjoyed reading it. I'm very impressed by the scope and quality of the information." 

Anti-slavery International on 'Thomas Clarkson' resource pack 


"it's the most well written guide that I have seen for a long time" 

Museum visitor after reading town trail. 


"absolutely fascinating to read." 

Key Stage One teacher commenting on resource pack. 


"Everyone was pleased with the Tudor event. We got very good coverage in the local press...and had a good day too." 

Harlow Museum after Tudor day 


"Thanks for your excellent contributions to our event." 

Cambridgeshire Archaeology Field Unit after schools week 


"All the year 2s (6-7 year olds) were totally involved...a fantastic session which exceeded our hopes" 

Teacher after Living History characterisation session 


"Thankyou for your enthusiasm and hard work last week. It's appreciated." 

Hinchingbrooke Country Park Iron Age farm after schools week 


"Thankyou for the fantastic contribution you made to our "Roman Weekend"...the talk in the morning, your work in the afternoon and your excellent contribution to the Roman Banquet" 

Parish Council after Millennium Monuments event. 


"Thank you for the activities you brought us they were very fun and I enjoyed it...the stories were great...your costume was good...I can't wait till you see us again" 

Year 3 pupil after a Viking day. 


"The children were fully motivated throughout the day...It's all about the children experiencing it for themselves, and this is exactly what they did from beginning to end of their day" 

A key stage 1 teacher after a Castle day. 


"Maureen has a wonderful 'can-do' attitude, which brings out the best in any creative team, be they professional colleagues, volunteers or participants." 

Arts Development Officer after a Community Victorian Weekend.