Page numbers for the stories included in each section of the contents.

1.     Of Significant Stones

    24.    Grim and Boundel   
    25.    William of Lindholme & Tommy Lindum of Wroot
    30.    Yallery Brown
    39.    Fonaby Sack Stone
    42.    Anwick Drake Stone(s)

2.    Of Fools and Farming

    45.    The Lad that went to look for Fools
    48.    Fred the Fool
    55.    Coat of Clay
    62.    A Pottle of Brains
    68.    Fox Fables

3.    Of Strange Creatures

    73.    The Man in the Wilderness
    75.    The Wild Man of Stainfield
    78.    In My Pocket
    81.    East Halton Hob Thrust
    85.    The Farmer and the Boggar

4.    Of Water, Wind and Weather

      91.    The Dead Moon
    100.    Tiddy Mun
    108.    The Green Mist
    115.    The Potted Witch of Pilford Bridge
    116.    The Legend of the Lincoln Imp
    119.    The Devil looking over Lincoln

5.    Of Witches, Wizards, Wraiths and Werewolves

    123.    Byard's Leap
    127.    Shape shifting witches
    130.    The Wise-men of Lincolnshire
    133.    St Mark's Eve
    138.    The Werewolf of Langrick

6.    Of People and Places

    141.    Ten Pint Smith of Louth
    143.    The Ungrateful Sons
    144.    Cough in the Kitchen
    147.    The Lass that saw her own Grave dug
    150.    The Holbeach Gamesters

7.    Of Kings and Monks and Hermits

    155.    St Guthlac and Crowland Abbey
    160.    Havelok, Goldborough and Grim
    167.    King John and Swineshead Abbey
    171.    Tattercoats