Storytelling Requirements

  •  If outdoors and we are bringing the tent - please ensure that there is space on flat ground for this (3m x 4m) plus space in front of the same size for the audience to sit (we can supply rugs). If we are not using the tent please follow advice for indoors. Note tent is only available between May and September unless by special arrangement.
  • If indoors it is preferable that period style drapes are in place (we can supply the drapes but need somewhere to hang them). If you do not want drapes please see that there are only authentic period items around the performance area
  • Storytelling requires quiet concentration – if is difficult to compete with noisy distractions so if you are holding a big event, please ensure that the storytelling performance area is in a quiet spot well away from any PA speakers, the refreshment or beer tent, children’s play area etc.. if your event is indoors in an enclosed space don’t let others into the audience until there is a break
  •  When planning the programme allow at least 2 slots (preferably 3) of approximately 30 minutes each that do not clash with any major attractions such as the battle re-enactment.