Current news

Current News

My book of Lincolnshire Folk Tales (see side tab on this website) was published in October 2013. It includes the following Legends which I have translated but left virtually unedited - Yallery Brown, Fred the Fool, A Pottle of Brains, The Dead Moon, Tiddy Mun and The Green Mist. I have also included Coat of Clay and Tattercoats, tales which were also collected by Marie Balfour in North Lincolnshire.


I am available to run one day workshops to explore the Legends of the Carrs.

During the day participants will explore the economic and social landscape in Lincolnshire at the time, the ecological aspects of the stories and the folklore and dialects of the county. The day will end with a look at modern interpretations and uses of the stories.

If you would like to offer a venue for a workshop or wish to be kept informed of future plans please contact me using the tab at the top of this page, or just keep checking this page periodically.